i want to build/buy a really top quality SVD sniper

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i want to build/buy a really top quality SVD sniper

Post by amigo240480 » 08 Jan 2017, 03:09

Hello all I hope I can get some help with this project

Firstly let me point out straight away I want to a Uk legal 12 flb max energy air rifle housed inside the most realistic possible SVD dragunov the first priority is how genuine it feels to hold and look at.

So I have already found a real wood stock that looks like its seen action its a little battered but its actually what i want , and the hand rail again is slightly beaten and varnish fading

Now the second priority is steel for weight ( i want the rifle to weigh in at the real weight) , I want as much real steel as possible both inside and out

I have looked into the WE ace sdv, the Aim svd , the G&P (which I admit is to expensive) and so on
my budget is a maxium of £600 Uk sterling after the stock and hand rail which i have seen at a great bargin

now beyond these main points I have a few concerns :power!

This rifle is not going to be used in air soft games i would like it to be a true air weapon I would be satisfied with either a single shot spring powered 1.77/.22 slug power plant at 12lbs fpe and a small compromise to allow for a charging lever or even break barrel if it can be well hidden
or a
co2 power plant at 1.77 4.5 steel/brass bb with multi shot /semi auto (obviously much less power but around 600 fps like my crossman comade aksu74

any help would be great I will post the project if I get help from this forum so you can see what gets done.

all input welcome and if you wish to change my mind feel free, for example if i can get a 6mm bb WE svd airsoft to fire steel 6mm at 12 fpe i will listen but i doubt its possible if even legal

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Re: i want to build/buy a really top quality SVD sniper

Post by net_split » 11 Jan 2017, 16:23

With the legal issues I can not help, but for your consideration:

An A&K SVD with the MAG Dual Power CO2 Conversion Kit is able to fire above 650fps (using 0.2g BB) out of the box. That is about 4 joules of muzzle energy and similar to most air rifles (at least here in German). Using heaver (steel) BB you will probably get another 1-2 joule more.

A HPA tapped WE ACE-VD would probably be able to handle around 6 Joules as well. You can't buy it out of the box, but it is a fairly easy modification and it would be true semi auto (the large moving bolt carrier also makes it way more fun to shoot). But you will need to replace the pot metal internals with steel replacement parts, since they will wear out pretty fast.

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