Pnv57(a?) wiring and switch

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U wot m8
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Pnv57(a?) wiring and switch

Post by U wot m8 » 15 Jul 2016, 02:01

Got myself a polish(or maybe czech?) PNV57, and I'm trying to figure out the power arrangements. I'm not using the secondary plug(the joiner thing), so I've got a 2 prong male power cord I'm working with. I thought one was positive and one negative, but I just realized, maybe one is power and the other is ground? is that possible? How then do I power with a 12v battery?

Also, I don't get the switch in the PSU- how is that supposed to be aligned/secured for usage with 12v battery?

Tried lots of different arrangements and not even a peep out of the thing.

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Re: Pnv57(a?) wiring and switch

Post by net_split » 16 Aug 2016, 21:40

Hello there!
It should be (at least the E version is) protected against reverse polarity.
So you should be able to get it running by just putting it on the 12V battery. If it doesn't make a beep I fear that the PSU might be broken.

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