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Selling Rules

Posted: 23 May 2015, 18:35
by Logisticz
What would an Forum related to such an enthusiastic Hobby with so much *physical* things be, without a Marketplace?
Well, that is right and that is why we decided to open this Marketplace for you guys.

Selling Rules in General are as follows:

- Person Offering Items must have his Location added in the Profile Setting (at least the country!)

- First person posting "I'll take it!" (If [seller] & [buyer] agrees on the terms) Gets the Item.
PM's are preferable used for asking any questions or negotiation.

- Sales Threads are not for discussions! Only post when you want to aquire the item offered or have any questions about it.

- Be so kind to others and Edit your post in the subject line to [sold] when you sold the item, so other can see it immediately.

- FYI: Bumping is only possible every 3 days


Thansk alot!