Buying/Trading Rules

Looking for any specific Russian Gear, Clothing and Accessories ?
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Buying/Trading Rules

Post by Logisticz » 23 May 2015, 18:44

You are looking for some Items and want to buy them? And also don't have any cash on hand, but are willing to offer some of your "not needed" Gear Items? Then you are here right!

The rules are the same as for the selling, but see for yourself:

Buying/Trading Rules in General are as follows:

- Person Offering Trade Items must have his Location added in the Profile Setting (at least the country!)

- First person posting "I'll take it!" (If [trader] & "[buyer]" agrees on the terms) Gets the Item.
PM's are preferable used for asking any questions or negotiation.

- Buying/Trading Threads are not for discussions! Only post when you want to aquire the item offered or have any questions about it.

- Be so kind to others and Edit your post in the subject line to [gone] when you traded the item, or to [found] when you've been offered the specific item you were looking for, so other can see it immediately.

- FYI: Bumping is only possible every 3 days


Thansk alot!


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